90+ Solved Zoological Micro Technique MCQs

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Zoological Micro Technique MCQs

1. In Lab safety rules, the protective clothes include.

A. Gloves
B. Lab coat
C. Safety glasses
D. All

2. Long hair must be tied during Lab work to avoid ?

A. Fire hazard
B. Contamination
C. Hair damage
D. a and b

3. Simple cylindrical containers in size ranges from 10ml to 4000ml is ?

Measuring cylinder
A. Beaker
B. a and b
C. Funnel

4. Laboratory glassware useful in observational procedure is ?

A. Bunsen burner
B. Watch glass
C. Test tube
D. None

5. Spatula is also termed as ?

A. Conical
B. Graduated flask
C. Scientific spoon
D. None

6. Condenser is commonly used for Distillation ?

A. Yes
B. No

7. Spatula is also called scientific stirrer ?

A. Yes
B. No

8. Laboratory glassware which is also called chemical dropper is ?

A. Spatula
B. Funnel
C. Pipettes
D. b and c

9. Ground field microscopy is also called ?

A. Electron microscopy
B. Dark field microscopy
C. Scanning electron microscopy
D. Both B and C

10. Scattering of light at angle is caused by ?

A. Condenser
B. Slide
C. Lens
D. Obstruction

Zoological Micro Technique MCQs

11. Dark field microscopy technique is ?

A. Expensive
B. Effective and simple
C. Difficult to use
D. All

12. Dark field is used to study ?

A. Internal details
B. Aquatic organisms
C. Mounted cells and tissues
D. All

13. In dark field the sample is strongly illuminated which can ?

A. Damage the sample/specimen
B. Increase magnification
C. Increase resolution
D. None

14. Nonliving specimens are readily observed by dark field ?

A. Yes
B. No

15. Dark field involves unstained biological samples ?

A. Yes
B. No

16. EM is used for obtaining high resolution image of ?

A. Biological specimen
B. Non biological specimens
C. Both biological and non-biological specimens
D. None of these

17. EM is the type of microscope that is ________ ?

A. Expensive
B. Cheap
C. Extremely sensitive to internal magnetic field
D. Both A and C

18. Main disadvantage of EM is _____ ?

A. Cost
B. Size
C. maintenance
D. All of these

19. _____ provides detailed image of surface cells and the whole organisms ?

A. Transmission Electron Microscope
B. Simple Microscope
C. Scanning Electron Microscope
D. None of these

20. Types of Electron Microscope are ______ ?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

21. In EM, sample is placed under vacuum ?


22. EM require research training ?


23. Simple microscope is used for quality control and failure analysis ?


24. A chemical substance used to preserve and stabilize biological material is called………. ?


25. The fixation time of Formal Calcium is ?

B.12-24 hours
C.6-12 hours
D.2-3 hours

26. In Gendre’s solution the acid used is ?

A.Picric Acid
B.Formic Acid
C.Glacial Acetic Acid
D.Tartaric Acid

27. Which of the following is a reagent ?

A.Formal Saline
B. Holland’s

28. Gram’s iodine is include in ?

D. Catalyst

29. Eosin is a reagent ?


30. Phosphate buffered formalin solution has a pH of 6.8 ?


31. Lower temperature will retard fixation and reduce _______ ?

A. Autolytic reaction
B.Catalytic reaction
D. None

32. ______ is a sudden stopping of all living process in a cell ?

A. fixation
B. Killing
C. coagulation
D. dehydration

33. _______ is a preservation of all structural and cellular element in a specimen ?

A. Coagulation
B. Killing
C. fixation
D. Killing

34. For fixation there should be a hand supple of physiological saline solution for rinsing blood and debris from tissue ?

A. Yes
B. No

35. For fixation bone should be placed in 50% alcohol from which it is transferred to acid-alcohol solution ?


36. Amount of fixing fluid should be _____ times more than the volume of tissue ?

B. 10-15
C. 15-20
D. 10-20

37. For fixation block of fat should be placed in __% formalin ?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

38. _____ should be fixed flattened or by pinning out on a cork ?

A. heart
B. cartilage
C. skin
D. Bones

39. The trade name of 40% aqueous solution of formaldehyde ?

A. Formalin
B. Formal saline
C. Both Aand B
D. None of these

40. Which acid destroys cytoplasmic structure such as Mitochondria, Golgi apparatus?

A. Picric acid
B. Acetic acid
C. Carbonic acid
D. None of these

41. Mercuric chloride is used for the preservation of calcareous structure ?


42. Boiling point of ethyl alcohol is comparatively low (78.3℃) ?


43. Which acid precipitates the nucleoproteins?

A. Picric acid
B. Acetic acid
C. None of these
D. Boric acid

44. Picric acid in combination with Acetic acid and Formalin gives excellent fixation for ?

A. Nuclear material
B. Cytoplasm
C. Both A and B
D. Golgi apparatus

45. What is recommended for the fixation of nerve tissue?

A. Acetic acid
B. Mercuric chloride
C. Formalin
D. All of these

46. The compound microscope has two system of lenses for greater ?

A. Resolving power
B. Magnification
C. Depth of focus
D. All of these

47. Ocular lens are also called ?

A. Objective lens
B. Magnifying lens
C. Eye piece
D. Glass lens

48. Modern compound microscope can magnify object from ?

A. 1000x to 2000x
B. 500x to 1000x
C. 500x to 2000x
D. 1000x to 5000x

49. Expensive and easy to use is the advantages of compound microscope ?

A. Yes
B. No

50. As magnifying power increase in compound microscope, field of view shrinks ?

A. Yes
B. No

51. Stereo microscope is designed for_______magnification observation of a sample ?

A. High
B. Low
C. Poor
D. Normal

52. Stereo microscope is used to carry out ?

A. Dissection microscopy
B. Surgery
C. Inspection
D. All of these

53. Stereo microscope has two eye pieces that gives ?

A. 2D image
B. 3D image
C. Direct image
D. Clear image

54. Which microscope converts phase shifts in light passing through specimen ?

A. Compound microscope
B. Stereo microscope
C. Phase contrast microscope
D. Both A and B

55. Different shades of colour are distinguished to our eyes due to the difference in ?

A. Amplitude
B. Frequency
C. Intensity
D. None

56. To distinguish between image and its background human eyes needs a contrast value of ___ ?

A. 0.02
B. 0.08
C. 0.06
D. 0.05

57. “Thick specimen can appear distorted” In ?

A. Electron microscope
B. Compound microscope
C. Phase contrast microscope
D. None

58. Phase contrast optics differentially enhances the contrast near the edges ?

A. Yes
B. No

59. Lighter specimen are not easier to see on darker background ?

A. Yes
B. No

60. Phase contrast microscope converts invisible small phase changes into visible intensity changes ?

A. Yes
B. No

61. Which technique is used for visualization of biological structure?

A. Mounting
B. Embedding
C. Histochemistry
D. Impregnation

62. In which organs the level of ferric ions can be determined by Perl’s reaction ?

A. Spleen
B. Bone marrow
C. Both
D. None of these

63. Common dyes used in lipid staining method ?

A. Oil red O
B. Nile blue
C. Sudan VI
D. All of these

64. Which technique is used to determine the structure of protein ?

A. Feulgen’s reaction
B. X-ray crystallography
C. PAS reaction
D. None of these

65. Which method is used for specific amino acids?

A. Million’s reaction
B. Feulgen’s reaction
C. PAS reaction
D. All of these

66. Crystallography is science that examine the arrangement of atoms in crystalline solids ?

A. Yes
B. No

67. “Perl’s reaction” method is used for detection of Ferric ions level ?

A. Yes
B. No

68. “PAS reaction” technique is used for detection of lipids ?

A. Yes
B. No

69. Cutting of fixed tissue is called ?

A. Tissue cutting
B. Trimming
C. Cassetting
D. Clearing

70. Which salt is used as cleaning agent?

A. MgCl2
B. NaCl
C. CaCl2
D. KCl

71. Amino acid tyrosine contains which group ?

A. Hydroxyl group
B. Sulphate group
C. Phenolic group
D. Amide group

72. When CuSO4 is mixed with lime then it is called_ ?

A. Bordeaux mixture
B. Formalin mixture
C. Lime mixture
D. None of these

73. Which chemical compound is used as fungicide?

A. Copper sulphate
B. Magnesium sulphate
C. Iron sulphate
D. Sodium sulphate

74. Feulgen’s reaction is used for demonstrating DNA in tissue section ?

A. Yes

75. The anhydrous form of CuSO4 is orange green ?

A. Yes
B. No

76. Million’s reagent is used to detect amino acid tyrosine ?

A. Yes
B. No

78. Place preserve animal tissue into fixative due to prevent from ?

A. Autolysis
B. Bacteria attack
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

79. Which fixative is used for eyes?

A. Bouin’s
B. Ferric Ferro cyanide
C. Davidson fixative
D. all of these

80. Most issues can be fixed in _neutral buffered Formalin ?

A. 20 %
B. 10%
C. 50%
D. 40%

82. Bouin’s fixative is used to fix_. ?

A. Embryos
B. Reproductive tissues
C. Brain
D. All of this

83. Which process removes calcium mineral from fixed bone?

A. Dehydration
B. Decalcification
C. Acidification
D. none of these

84. Dehydration is usually complete when less than three to four percent of water remains in the tissue ?

A. Yes
B. No

85. The purpose of clearing is act as solvent and add alcohol ?

A. Yes
B. No

86. Embedding media like paraffin are water soluble ?

A. Yes
B. No

87. Which alternative fixative is used for the preservation of bone marrow ?

A. Buffered Formalin
B. Zinc Formalin
C. Benedict solution
D. All of above

88. The time required for dehydration in fixation depends on ?

A. Tissue permeability
B. Temperature
C. Formalin
D. A and B both

89. Commonly used liquid in laboratory for tissue dehydration is ?

A. Assets
B. Alcohols
C. Buffers
D. both A and B

90. Embedding media consists of all except ?

A. Gelatin
B. Paraffin wax
C. Formalin
D. Celloiden

91. The process by which impregnated tissue is precisely arranged to solidify is known as ?

A. Casting
B. Blocking
C. A and B
D. None of these

92. Paraffin wax is mostly used for fatty tissues ?

A. Yes
B. No

93. Celloiden is purified form of nitrocellulose ?

A. Yes
B. No

94. For transmission electron microscope that tissue must be of a 50 nm ?

A. Yes
B. No

95. After impregnation the tissue is placed into a mold containing a medium which allows to ?

A. Solidify
B. Liquefy
C. Condense
D. All of this

96. Embedding media includes ?

A. Paraffin wax
B. Gelatin
C. Celloiden
D. All of these

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