IUB Admission / NAT , GAT Test Syllabus | Outline | Pattern | Past papers

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Description of IUB Entry Test

The Students who want to get admission in The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur .They should pass the university entrance test first. Then you should apply in your respective program. Entry test is taken by Islamia Testing Service(ITS) . You can apply for the entrance test in the testing section of the IUB E portal . The entry test and the program will have to be applied separately . Students can Prepare Their IUB Entry Test by following given Pattern , Syllabus and Outline .same pattern for Undergraduate  and Post Graduate tests. Only PhD Students need to prepare IUB Subject Special test.

Types of TestDescription
IUB Admission Test for UndergraduateEntry Test for BS Admission
IUB Engineering Aptitude TestEntry Test for BSc Engineering Admission
IUB Admission Test for Postgraduate (General)Entry Test for MS/Mphil Admission
IUB Admission Test for Ph.D. (Subjective)Entry Test for Ph.D. Admission

Test Syllabus | Outline | Pattern

Math 30-35%
  • Percentages
  • Averages
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Decimals & Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
English 30-35%
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Homonyms, Homophone 
  • Analogies
  • Prepositions
  • Spell Correction
  • Tenses 
  • Sentence Completion
  • Comprehension
Reasoning  30-35%
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasoning

IUB Engineering Aptitude Test Pattern

  • Physics             25%
  • Chemistry        25%
  • Mathematics  20%
  • English            15%
  • I.Q                   15%

Video Tutorial for how to Prepare IUB Admission Test

Students need to first watch the video and learn how to prepare iub entry Test and how to take a live demo test.

Test for Undergraduate Students

Students who want to get admission to the BS Program should have to prepare for the undergraduate admission test. This test is designed for undergraduate students. After preparing for this test , students will be able to know what kind of Questions come in the IUB Entry test

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IUB Admission Test NAT

1 / 44

1. 25 is what percentage of 75?

2 / 44

2. 0.036 in terms of percent is ?

3 / 44

3. The average height of a class of 18 students is 105 cm. After the arrival of 7 new students the average decreases by 5cm. Find sum of the heights of all the students in the class.

4 / 44

4. The average of 8 observations is 24. if one more observation of 33 is added then the new average will be

5 / 44

5. The ratio 35 : 84 in simplest form is ?

6 / 44

6. Cats sleep ___ day and move out at night .

7 / 44

7. Pen is to poet as needle is to __?

8 / 44

8. When i met him at the door, he ______ the room.is entering

9 / 44

9. It began to dawn __ me that murder was right in our midst.

10 / 44

10. Your views are identical __ mine ?

11 / 44

11. Which one is the odd number (different from other) in given series

3 , 5 , 7 , 9 , 11 , 13

12 / 44

12. Ali was supposed to meet his friend in the evening every Sunday. The first time he came at 4.30, the next time at 5.20, then at 6.30, then at 8.00. When did he turn up the last time after that?​

13 / 44

13. He has been sleeping ____ five hours?

14 / 44

14. Select the word with correctly spell ?

15 / 44

15. There is a notices saying keep ____ the grass .

16 / 44

16. | ____a new bike yesterday ?

17 / 44

17. When they arrived here, the entry test __?

18 / 44

18. A number called as x increased by itself (increased by x+x) and add (x+5) in it 5 gives 17.

What is the number ?

19 / 44

19. What percent of 3/5 is 3/10?

20 / 44

20. Please distribute these toffees __the children.

21 / 44

21. What is the percent discount on a trouser marked down from $160 to $120 ?

22 / 44

22. Boat is to water therefore Plane is to ___ ?

23 / 44

23. Can you find four consecutive numbers totaling 94?

24 / 44

24. Average rent of seven shops is Rs 2300, Then, the total rent of seven shops will be​ ?

25 / 44

25. What will get by expanding and simplify (x - 5)(x + 4) ?

26 / 44

26. I was amazed ____ his misbehavior ?

27 / 44

27. If 80% of Z is 200. What is 70% of Z?

28 / 44

28. Average of three numbers is 15.What is the sum of the three numbers?

29 / 44

29. The average height of a class of 18 students is 105 cm. After the arrival of 7 new students the average decreases by 5cm. Find sum of the heights of all the students in the class?

30 / 44

30. Why ____ you break your promise?

31 / 44

31. Find the mode from these test results:

17,19,18,17,18,19,11, 17,16, 19,15,15, 15,17, 13, 11.

32 / 44

32. Mr. Hamza goes 30 meters North then turns right and walks 40 meters, then again turns right and walks 20 meters, then again turns right and walk 40 meters. How many meters is he from his original starting point?

33 / 44

33. Make haste __ we shall miss the train.

34 / 44

34. P, the daughter of K is married to G. X and G are brothers, on the basis of this information tell how P is relatedto G?

35 / 44

35. Choose the correct spelling word from the given choices.

36 / 44

36. Which one of the five designs is least like the other four?

37 / 44

37. I haven't been on holiday _____ 1996?

38 / 44

38. They have been playing two hours?

39 / 44

39. If 0.75: X :: 5:8, then X is equal to ?

40 / 44

40. There are 45 persons staying at a hostel. The average expenses of a person for a day are rupees 20. The total expenses for all the persons for aweek are___?

41 / 44

41. I congratulated him __ his success.

42 / 44

42. if one meter wire costs Rs. 50.25 then what will be the price of 50 meter long wire?

43 / 44


44 / 44

44. I haven't been to London ___ three years.

Your score is

The average score is 61%


Test for Postgraduate Students

Students who want to get admission in MPhil or MS Programs should have to prepare for Postgraduate Admission Test formally known as GAT General. Student Can Prepare Previous Papers with live IUB Demo Test Just Lick On Take Test now Button Login with Your Google Or Facebook Account take Live IUB admission test.

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IUB Admission / NAT , GAT Test Syllabus | Outline | Pattern | Past papers
IUB Admission test

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Past Papers

Students can download the IUB Entry test NAT/ GAT Pervious Past Papers in PDF formats. after downloading, you can read all these Previous Papers and get all information about IUB Entry Test to hope these Papers will helpful for all Students.

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