IUB Seats Allocation Of All Undergraduate & Post Graduate Programs

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IUB Seats Allocation For ALL BS , Master , MS , MPhil and PhD Programs are given below .

IUB Seats Allocation Details

M = Morning
E = Evening

Faculty of Pharmacy

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf

Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
BS Nursing68M1420
BS Human Diet 80E020
Doctor of Physical Therapy80E020
BS MLT80E020
BS Forensic Science80E020

Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)40M1410
BS Animal Sciences50E010
BS Applied Microbiology50E010
BS Poultry Science50M1410

Faculty of Arts & Languages

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
BS English Literature100/501410
BS English Linguistics100 /501410
BS Urdu50/50145
BS Fine Art & Design1001410

Faculty of Sciences

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
BS Botany80/501420
BS Zoology80/501415
BS Chemistry80/501420
BS Physics130/901420
BS Biochemistry50/501420
BS Biotechnology50/501420
BS Bioinformatics50/501420
BS Mathematics130/501415
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Faculty of Engineering & Technology

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
BSc Electrical Engineering20M1510
BSc Electronic Engineering20M1510
BSc Civil Engineering28M1510
BSc Computer Engineering20M1510
BSc Telecom Engineering28M1502
BS Biomedical Electronics50M1410

Faculty of Agriculture & Environment

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture240/1001430
BS Environmental Sciences50/501415
B.Sc. (Hans) Food Science90M1410
BS Forestry50/501410

Faculty of Management Sciences

ProgramsM /EQuotaSelf
BBA (Hons)100/501410
BBA Technology Management50/501410
BS Supply Chain Management50M1405
BS Digital Marketing50M1405
BS Administrative & Management50M1405
BS Innovation & Entrepreneurship50/501405
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4 months ago

[…] Read Also >> IUB Seats Allocation Of All Undergraduate & Post Graduate Programs […]

2 months ago

aoa , iun bwp main campus dpt ki open or bwp merit ki alag lists lgti h?

24 days ago

[…] Read Also >> IUB Seats Allocation Of All Undergraduate & Post Graduate Programs […]

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