School and Perspectives of Psychology Quiz

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1. Humanistic approach mainly focuses on.

A. Humanities
B. self-actualization
C. positive regard
D. all of them 
2. Dreams are part of which level of personality.
A. Conscious
B. Preconscious
C. Unconscious 
D. all of them
3. Antisocial personalities follows which components of personality.
A. Ego
C. Pleasure principle
D. both b & c
4. Cognitive approaches emphasis on.
A. Thinking
B. Feelings
C. Values
D. All of them
5. According to Cognitive Social personality theory, Encoding Strategies means.
A. Importance of one’s belief
B. Ways of processing information
C. maintaining rules for better performance
D. all of them
6. According to Cognitive Social personality theory, Self-regulator means.
A. Importance of one’s belief
B. Ways of processing information
C. maintaining rules for better performance
D. all of them
7. Albert Bandura given theory name as.
A. Cognitive theory
B. Social Cognitive theory
C. Cognitive-Social Learning Theory
D. all of them
8. Humanistic approach is more what as compared to psychodynamics approach.
A. Simple
B. Optimistic
C. Pessimistic
D. none of them
9. Unconditioned Positive Regard means.
A. Give respect and love without any condition
B. Desire to grow
C. Individual’s unique perception of the world
D. All of the
10. Ideal self means.
A. An Individual’s goals and aspirations
B. Desire to enhance one’s capacities
C. Restrictions imposed on self
D. All of them
11. Name of Rogerian Therapy is.
A. Person-Centered therapy
B. Client Centered therapy
C. both a & b
D. Rational –Emotive therapy
12. The focus of the study of Thorndike is.
A. Relationship b/w response and consequences
B. Relationship b/w stimulus and response
C. Relationship b/w stimulus and consequences
D. none of them
13. Repeat behaviors upon positive outcomes is called
A. Association by Contiguity
B. Law of effect
C. Classical conditioning
D. all of them
14. In Classical Conditioning, same response shows on all similar stimuli is called as.
A. Acquisition
B. Extinction
C. Generalization
D. All of them
15. A child crying for a toy and want immediate gratification of his need. He follows what type of personality principle.
A. Pleasure Principle
B. Id
C. Reality principle
D. Both a & b
16. The Age of Phallic stage is.
A. 1-3 years
B. 3-5Years
C. birth to 1 year
D. none of them
17. The positive and negative feelings of therapist towards patient is called as.
A. Counter Transference
B. Transference
C. Analysis of Resistance
D. none of them
18. Criticism against Freudian Psychodynamic Theory was.
A. Ignores environmental factors
B. Emphasizes upon childhood experiences too much
C. Therapy is time consuming and expensive
D. All of them
19. The main concept of Karen Horney was.
A. Childhood experiences
B. social interaction
C. personal growth
D. all of them
20. According to Diathesis-Stress theory, WHAT & WHAT combine together to cause abnormal behavior.
A. Genes, chemicals of body
B. Genes, Stressful environment
C. Neurotransmitters, stressful environment
D. all of them
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