Psychological Assessment (MCQs) for Personality Test

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After completing this Psychological Assessment MCQs students will be able to Develop a basic understanding of Psychological Testing and Measurement , Use the basic principles and theories to understand the construction and standardization of psychological tests in different settings . Work as Psychometricians in public and private sector . Work as a researcher in the field of Psychometrics Offer psychological testing services to community at large .

Psychological Assessment (MCQs) for Personality Test

Psychological Assessment MCQs

1. How Are Questions About Proficiency In The English Language Determined ?
A. None Are Correct
B. On A Case-By-Case Basis
C. Based On Family Background
D. Based On Years Of Education

2. Nonverbal Communication Or “Body Language” Does Not ?
A. Convey The Same Meaning Across Cultures
B. Exist In All Cultures
C. Have Great Influence
D. Have A Great Impact On The Perceptions Of Others

3. Test-Takers Have The Right. ?
A. All Are Correct
B. To Know How Their Data Will Be Used
C. To Know Why They Are Being Tested
D. To Know The Results Of The Test They Took

4. Which Scientist Viewed Individual Differences As A Source Of Error In Experimentation ?
A. Wundt
B. Darwin
C. Cattell
D. Witmer

5. In The 1930s, Clinical Psychology Was Synonymous With ?
A. Vocational Testing
B. Personality Testing
C. Educational Testing
D. Mental Testing

6. Which Of The Following Are Affected By Cultural Factors ?
A. Equal Protection Under The Law
B. Verbal Communication And Nonverbal Communication
C. Verbal Communication
D. Nonverbal Communication

7. For Over 50 Years, Open And Competitive Examinations Were Given In Pakistan. These Examinations Tested ?
A. Proficiency
B. Integrity
C. Personality & Motivation
D. All Of These 

8. The “Code Of Fair Testing Practices In Education” Was Developed And Endorsed By ?
A. Congress
B. Professional Organizations
C. Test Publishers
D. Test Publishers And Professional Organizations

9. Projective Tests Are Methods Of Personality Assessment ?
A. Behavioral
B. Indirect
C. Directive
D. Futile
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