Applied Psychology Data Analysis using SPSS Solved MCQs

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Q .1) In nominal scale the word nominal comes from the Latin word for.
A. Characteristics
B. Person
C. Name
D. Measure

Q. 2) Interval scale of measurement does not have.
A. True zero
B. Hypothetical zero
C. Interval
D. Order

Q. 3)The median can be located by.
A. Finding middle score in the list
B. Multiplication
C. Average
D. Mean

Q. 4) The mode of data set 33 35 37 35 and 40 is.
A. 11
B. 12
C. 33
D. 35

Q. 5) The mean of data set 33 35 37 35 and 40 is.
A. 36
B. 33
C. 45
D. 16

Q. 6) The name of a viable in SPSS must start with a.
A. Shape
B. Number
C. Letter
D. Underscore

Q. 7) The name of variable in SPSS may have up to.
A. 9 Characters
B. 8 Characters
C. 50 Characters
D. 30 Characters

Q. 8) The variables which may be assigned only numbers in SPSS are.
A. Nonnumeric
B. Numeric
C. Letter
D. String

Q. 9) The label of variable is limited to.
A. 255 character spaces
B. 300 character spaces
C. 400 character spaces
D. 100 character spaces

Q. 10) The measure feature in SPSS indicates.
A. The level of measurement
B. Variable label
C. Variable role
D. Length of variable

Q. 11) The correlation coefficient can range from.
A. 1 to 2
B. Negative 1 to negative 4
C. Negative 1.0 or positive 1.0 to zero
D. Plus 3 to Plus 4

Q. 12) The correlation value that represents no relationship is.
A. 0
B. 3
C. 4
D. Negative 1

Q. 13) Positive 1 or negative 1 correlation values represent.
A. Weak
B. No
C. Strong
D. Moderate

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