Statistical Procedures for Life Sciences MCQs With Answers

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Statistical Procedures for Life Sciences MCQs with answers

1. Themetic mean, when computed for the data entire population,it is represented by which symbol.

A. X

B. Y

C. µ


2. Limitation of statistic.

A. Statistic does not study individual 

B. Statistic does reveal the entire information 

C. Both (a) & (b)

D. None

3. Statistics  serves as foundation of the super structure of.

A. treatment

B. planning

C. making data 

D. both (a) & (b)

5. Statistics is a science of estimates and probabilities said by.

A. Bowley

B. Boddington

C. Willis and Roberts 

D. Lovitt

6. The difference between upper limit and lower limit is called.

A. Width of class interval

B. Length of class interval

C. Diameter of class interval

D. None

7. In inclusive method the length of class intervals should be ______ for all the classes.

A. Different 

B. Upper

C.  Same

D. Lower

8. LSD does not depend on the number of.

A.  Treatment

B. Replication

C. Grand mean

D. None

9. MSD _____ with the number of treatment.

A.  Increase 

B. Decrease 

C. Stop 

D. None

10. One sided confidence interval give more information than.

A. Anova test 

B.  Significance test

C. Treatment test

D. None

11. If F(row) value is smaller than 1 hence, it is.
A. Significant 
B.  Not significant 
C. Remarkable
D. None
12. In balance lattice design  the number  of treatment must be a perfect.
A. Cube 
B. Square 
C. Base
D. None
13. The disadvantage of Turkey’s test is that if fixes the experimentative error rate at a _____ value.
A.  Low 
B. High 
C. Crest 
D. None
14. The normal distribution was discovered in the form of.
A.  Trinomial model
B. Bionomial model
C. Both (a)& (b)
D. None
15. The normal distribution was first discovered by.
A.  De Moivre             
B. Laplase
C. Guas.             
D. Both (b) & (c)       
16. The graph of normal distribution depend on _______ factors.
A. 3 factors
B. 2 factors
C. 4 factors
D.  Both a,b
17. When the standard deviation is the curve of graph is.
A. Short.
B. Long
C. Short and wide
D. None
18. All distribution look like a.
A. Symmetric
B. Bell shaped
C. Both a,b
D. None
19. Sample values donot equal to the true value due to.
A. Variation.                      
B. Inherent chracter      
C. Inherent variation        
D. None
20. The assumption made about by unknown characteristic is called.
A. Null hypothesis
B. Parameters
C. Both a,b.             
D. None
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