Plant taxonomy and embryology Mcqs With Answers

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Plant taxonomy and embryology Mcqs With Answers

1. All pedicle of equal length in.

A. Cyme

B. Corymb

C. Capitulum

D. Racemose

2. Cucurbitaceae have a.

A. Climbs

B. Tendril

C. Tendri Climber

D. All

3. Calyx , corolla , carpel , Stamen present in —–flower.

A. Complete

B. Incomplete

C. Regular

D. Irregular

4. Pericarp used to make —-.

A. Gittar

B. Musical instrument

C. Dhool

D. Piano

5. Cucurbitaceae are —– plant.

A. Xerophytes

B. Mesophytes

C. Helophytes

D. All

6. Scientific name of Amla.

A. Phyllanthus

B. Cacumis melo

C. Cucumis sativus

D. None of above

7. Cichory used as.

A. Vegetable

B. Food

C. Fruit

D. Staple food

8. In Homogynous all —- are same.

A. Florets

B. Flower

C. Fruit

D. Seeds

9. Disk florets is.

A. Unsexual

B. Bisexual

C. Single

D. Double

10. Flower of Chrysanthemum used.

A. Powder

B. Syrup

C. Tablet

D. All

11. In cymose new flower arise on.

A. Lower side

B. Tip

C. Side

D. All parts

12. In racemose new flower arise on.

A. On tip

B. Lower side

C. All parts

D. None of above

13. Having many planes in.

A. Zygomorphic

B. Actinomorphic

C. Regular

D. Irregular

14. Anderoecium is 4 time then — in rosaceae family.

A. Stamen

B. Calyx

C. Petals

D. Corolla

15. Petals of rose heve —– property.

A. Laxalive

B. Purgative

C. Hay fever

D. Brain tonic

16. Apocarpus gynoecium mean —- carpel.

A. Free

B. Fused

C. Long

D. Short

17. Cascara belongs to.

A. Poaceae

B. Cucurbitaceae

C. Moraceae

D. Rhamnaceae

18. Ocean Spray have a bark.

A. Grey brown

B. Brown

C. Grey

D. None of above

19. In holodiscus discolor fruit cluster in —- season.

A. Autumn

B. Winter

C. Summer

D. Spring

20. Spiraeoidea is the sub family of.

A. Lamiaceae

B. Apiaceae

C. Roseaceae

D. Poaceae

21. Mallow nine bark name given to the plants due to their thick.

A. Stem

B. Bark

C. Leaf

D. All

22. Complete life cycle in one year.

A. Annual

B. Binnial

C. Perennial

D. None of above

23. Half portion of anther.

A. Theca

B. Basi

C. Fixi

D. Dorsi

24. Systematic define by red ford in.

A. 1980

B. 1985

C. 1986

D. 1970

25. Relationship of ancestor with their off spring.

A. Taxonomy

B. Phylogeny

C. Systematic

D. Botany

26. High aromatic compound found in.

A. Solanaceae

B. Lamiaceae

C. Poaceae

D. Rosaceae

27. For evolutionary relationship —- used.



C. Both

D. None of above

28. Rol B give — singaling.



C. Methen

D. Auxin

29. Quality imporved by.

A. Parthebicary

B. Apomixis

C. Hyberdization

D. Decapation

30. Serviceberry is a.

A. Shurb

B. Tall tree

C. Herb

D. Weeds

31. Reproductive structure in which ovule present.

A. Fruit

B. Flower

C. Bud

D. Leaf

32. Scientific name of Spurge is.

A. Euphorbia helioscopia

B. Euphorbia Pilulifera

C. Zea mays

D. Pyrus communis

33. In compasitae receptale is.

A. Oval

B. Flat

C. Long

D. Short

34. Parthenocary also introduced by.

A. Humidity

B. Rain

C. Water

D. Fog

35. The fruit of honey locust is — long.

A. 6-18

B. 8-18

C. 9-18

D. 10-18

36. National vegetable of Pakistan is.

A. Lady finger

B. Potato

C. Tomato

D. Pepper

37. Scientific name of sufaid toot.

A. Morus alba

B. Morus Nigra

C. Banyan

D. Hevea

38. Banyan native to.

A. Bengal

B. Delhhi

C. Dubai

D. Pakistan

39. Thymol used for —– attack.

A. Pest

B. FUngal

C. Algal

D. Germ

40. Best position of labeling is.

A. Bottom side

B. Center

C. Tip

D. Corner

41. In berbarium newspaper used for.

A. Labelling

B. Drying

C. Protection

D. All

42. Spiraea is a —- plant.

A. Oranmental

B. Crop

C. Cotton

D. All

43. Family of lady finger is.

A. Moraceae

B. Mimosacae

C. Malvaceae

D. Rosacae

44. Scientific name of rubber is.

A. Ficus elastica

B. Oryza sativa

C. Avena sativa

D. None of above

45. Standard size of sheet is.

A. 20*43

B. 22*43

C. 29*42

D. 30*43

46. Jawar is a.

A. Root

B. Grass

C. Millets

D. Ceareal

47. Scientific name of oat is.

A. Oryza sativa

B. Avena sativa

C. Soeghum vugure

D. Sorghum officinarum

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