Animal Ecology MCQs : Zoology Solved Quiz

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Animal Ecology MCQs imparts knowledge and concepts of ecology mainly based on animal life. The records also provide the information regarding the distribution of animals, preferred habitat, their life history and impact on different life forms. Detailed knowledge about the ecological zonation in the environment , Concept of thermodynamics, Present status, Future prospects.

Animal Ecology MCQs


1. The following belong to the same trophic level?

A. Tiger and wild beer
B. Crow and cow
C. Dear and honeybee
D. Snake and Earthworm

2. The driving force of the ecosystem is ?

A. Carbohydrates in plants
B. Solar energy
C. Producers
D. Biomass

3. If all the green plants were to disappear from the earth ?

A. Only the herbivores will die
B. Only the carniivores will die
C. All the animal will die
D. Chemosynthetic bacteria will produce food for all

4. Deers are known as ?

A. Heterotrophic
B. Herbivores
C. Carnivores
D. Autotrophic

5. The most fragile of all biomes is ?

A. Grassland
B. Coniferous alpine
C. Desert
D. Tundra

6. The part of earth in which life exists is known as ?

A. Biosphere
B. Lithosphere
C. troposphere
D. Hydrosphere

7. The term omnivore is applied to ?

A. Herbivore and carnivore
B. Herbivore and detrivore
C. Carnivore and detrivore
D. All of these

8. Which of the following is the smallest unit ?

A. Biosphere
B. Ecosystem
C. Ecosphere
D. Biome

9. The fungi in a forest ecosystem act as ?

A. Omnivore
B. Decomposers
C. Herbivores
D. Consumers

10. Synecology can be subdivided into how many branches ?

A. Population Ecology
B. ecosystem ecology
C. Community ecology
D. All of above

Animal Ecology MCQs Zoology Solved Quiz

11. Every ecosystem must have a continuous external source of ?

A. Energy
B. Oxygen
C. Living organisms
D. Bacteria

12. In an ecosystem, the energy flow is always ?

A. Always unidirectional
B. Always bidirectional
C. In any direction
D. Always down directional

13. What kind of climate we can find in the Thar desert ?

A. Cold
B. Dry
C. Cool
D. Moist

14. Which layer of permanently frozen ground that causes arctic animals to die ?

A. Permafrost
B. Mantle
C. Crust

15. Ecosystem might include such things as lakes, rivers, swamps called ?

A. freshwater ecosystem
B. Moving water
C. Salt water
D. Shallow water system

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