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Animal Evolution MCQs with Answers

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Detailed knowledge about the Animal Evolution MCQs .Knowledge about the adaptations and modern concepts.

Animal Evolution MCQs with Ansewer
Animal Evolution MCQs with Answers

1. Which of the following are NOT involved in animal mimicry ?

A. Camouflage
B. Looking like a poisonous animal
C. Mocking the behavior of a poisonous animal
D. All of these answers are correct

2. An animal can be blend in surrounding by using ?

A. Migration
B. Hibernation
C. Prey
D. Camouflage

3. Animals can camouflage because ?

A. To hunt or hide
B. For fun
C. To sleep
D. None

4. The force that initiates evolution is ______ ?

A. Variation
B. Mutation
C. Extinction
D. Adaptation

5. Which of the following is a vestigial organ ?

A. Intestinal villi
B. Papillae
C. Vermiform appendix
D. None of the above

6. The last common ancestor of humans is ?

A. Pan troglodytes
B. Homo neanderthalensis
C. Lemuroidea
D. Dromaeosaurus

7. An example of convergent evolution is ?

A. Wing of Hawkmoths, the wing of hawks
B. Teeth of domestic dog, teeth of a wolf
C. Wings of Geospiza magnirostris, wings of Geospiza fortis
D. None of the above

8. Which of the following is true of fossils ?

A. They are remains of past organisms
B. They can be a footprint.
C. They have been preserved by nature
D. All answers are correct.

9. When minerals from sediment replace an organism’s tissues, which type of fossilization has occurred ?

A. Per mineralization
B. cast
C. mold
D. trace

10. Which of the following methods of fossil formation is formed when an organism is preserved in hardened tree sap?

A. Amber fossil
B. Carbonization
C. Casts and molds
D. Freezing

11. Who proposed the recapitulation theory?

A. Darwin
B. Lamarck
C. Von baer
D. Margulis

12. Recapitulation theory means ?

A. Development of an individual organism
B. Evolutionary history
C. Replay
D. All of these

13. Gradual development of something is ?

A. Existence
B. Evolution
C. Revolution
D. Ecosystem

14. Study of different species show close resemblance in their anatomy is ?

A. Homology
B. Heterology
C. Cytology
D. Ichthyology

15. Sudden change in DNA is called as ?

A. Evolution
B. Genetics
C. Mutation
D. None

16. Bird wings and butterfly wings are an example of ?

A. Homologous structure
B. Analogous structure
C. Mimicry
D. Camoflague

17. Analogues structures are ?

A. Dissimilar anatomy
B. Similar Functions
C. Herited characters
D. Related speiecs

18. The differences among a species, like different bird beaks, are called ?

A. genes
B. variations
C. traits
D. theories

19. Initiating force of evolution is ?

A. Variation
B. Mutation
C. Genes
D. Traits

20. When population suddenly reduced its no of individual called as ?

A. Bottleneck effect
B. Natural selection
C. Lamarckism
D. All

21. Among muslim scientists Father of evolution is known as ?

A. Lamarck
B. Darwin
C. Wallace
D. Mendel

22. Evolution is word of language ?

A. Greek
B. Latin
C. Britain
D. Germen

23. Which aspect of Lamarck’s theory is incorrect ?

A. Evolution works at the population level
B. Acquired traits are inherited by offspring
C. New species evolved from previous species
D. DNA is the mechanism for inheritance

24. Which of the following are NOT involved in animal mimicry ?

A. Camouflage
B. Looking like a poisonous animal
C. Mocking the behavior of a poisonous animal
D. All of these answers are correct

25. An example of industrial melanism is ?

A. Mutation
B. Neo Darwinism
C. Neo Lamarckism
D. Natural selection

26. In Lamarck’s view, the key of organic evolution is that each progeny ?

A. shows struggle for existence
B. characters acquired by parental generation are inherited
C. is similar to its parents
D. phylogeny is repeated in its ontogeny

27. On the Origin of Species was written by ______ ?

A. Charles Darwin
B. Ludmila Kuprianova
C. Mikhail A. Fedonkin
D. ItuhbunaLawraga

28. This is a most popular example of Lamarck ?

A. Primrose
B. Snakes
C. African Giraffe
D. Both (b) and (c)

29. Acquired characteristics of Lamarck are not inherited and have an evolutionary value. Who gave this statement?

A. Weismann
B. Hugo de Vries
C. TH Morgan
D. Charles Darwin

30. Who stated this theory – organ in use will develop and if not used will weaken to turn vestigial ?

A. Mendel
B. De Vries
C. Darwin
D. Lamarck

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