MCQ on Biodiversity & Conservation with Answers

Multiple choice questions MCQ on Biodiversity and Conservation All Solved quiz with Answers are available in PDF File , students Can Download Complete Biodiversity & Conservation with Answers PDF File , in this Biodiversity Quiz Students Can Get Knowledge about Biodiversity MCQs for new admission test in different university for neet , nts also can prepare their Online exam in Subject of Biodiversity and Conservation . So Lets Start Quiz On Biodiversity and Conservation .

Biodiversity & Conservation Quiz with Answers
Biodiversity & Conservation Quiz with Answers

Q.1) Invasive species change ?
A. Nutrient availability
B. Water quality
C. Change water flow
D. All
Answer : D

Q.2) Invasion species found in?
B. River
C. In soil
D. In every type of habitat
Answer : D

Q.3) Example of invasive species in freshwater lakes is ?
A. Gulf of Mexico
B. Sea lamprey
C. Lionfish
D. Zebra mussels
Answer : D

Q.4) Seawater is movement of ?
A. Freshwater into Rivers
B. Water into ocean
C. Saline water into freshwater
D. All
Answer : C

Q.5) All of water in ocean is not freshwater and water below ocean is ?
A. Cold
B. Saline
C. Hot
D. Marine
Answer : B

Q.6) Using alternative freshwater sources has been ?

A. Stopped
B. Encouraged
C. Decrease
D. Both a and c
Answer : B

Q.7) As depth to water increases water must be lifted ?

A. Underground ?
B. Lower
C. Higher
D. Stopped
Answer : C

Q.8) Agriculture is a human activity, it requires ?
A. Freshwater
B. Saline water
C. Seawater
D. Ocean water
Answer : A

Q.9) Marine system include ?
A. Ocean
B. Rivers
C. Lakes
D. All
Answer : A

Q.10) Habitat may also fragmented by ?
A. Artificial process
B. Natural process
C. Global warming
D. Seawater intrusion
Answer : B

Q.11) Fragmentation occur through ?
A. Natural process
B. Anthropogenic process
C. Artificial process
D. Both a and c
Answer : D

Q.12) Fragmentation occur in a system ?
A. Terrestrial system
B. Aquatic system
C. On land
D. All
Answer : D

Q.13) How many acres of forest are destroyed every year?
A. 20 million acres
B. 40 million acres
C. 200 million acres
D. 10 million acres
Answer : B

Q.14) Which is serious hazard addicting our pastures,forest and mountains?
A. Planting
B. Gardening
C. Grazing
D. None
Answer : C

Q.15) According to the IPBEs how many quarter of land remain undamaged by human activity ?
A. 2 quarter
B. 1 quarter
C. 4 quarter
D. All
Answer : B

Q.16) Wetland are vegetated with ?
A. Macrophytes
B. Emergent Marsh plant
C. Shrubs
D. All
Answer : D

Q.17) The wildlife helps in ?
A. Balance of genetic makeup
B. Balance of nature
C. balance of life
D. balance of evolution
Answer : B

Q.18) Species has an excellent economic value ?
A.ecological value
B.aesthetic value
C.none of these
D. all
Answer : C

Q.19) The richness of life on this planet —– with every specie that disappear ?
C.increase effect

Q.20) If wildlife properly conserved, —–used for commercial earning ?
A.Cannot be
C.Can be
D.Both a and b
Answer : C

Q.21) The flora and fauna are rich source of —–?
Answer: D

Q.22) These species provides best means of ?
C.Both of these
D.None of these
Answer : C

Q.22) Flora and fauna species has deep rooted effect on ?
D.Genetic makeup
Answer : A

Q.24) People do hunting and shooting of wildife for ?
A.Aesthetic value
B.Fun and amusement
C.Research work
D.Foreign exchange earning
Answer : B

Q.25) Major reason for decline of species include ?
A.Persecution by man
B.Destruction of natural habitat
D.All of these
Answer : D

Q.26) Today most of the natural habitats of animals and plants are being destroyed by ?
A.Natural ways
B.Forest fires
C.Man’s activities
Answer : C

Q.27) It has been estimated that every year —— of forests are destroyed ?
A.40 million acres
B.14 million acres
C.40 billion acres
D.14 billion acres
Answer : A

Q.28) Loss of habitat has deprived animals of ?
B.Palatable food
C.None of these
D.Both a and b
Answer : D

Q.29) Primate habitats for the water fowl and semi aquatic vertebrates are ?
Answer : B

Q.30) Wetland serve an excellent refuse for ?
A.Migratory birds
Answer : A

Q.31) Million of oceanic birds are killed evvery year all over the world by ?
B.Oil spilage
Answer : B

Q.32) Population has upset their —– behaviour ?
D.All of these
Answer : D

Q.33) —-% mammal’s species and —-% bird’s species are classified as being threatens ?
A.25% and 11%
B.11% and 25%
C.50 % and 50%
D.40% and 60%
Answer : A

Q.34) A thorough understanding of —— is essential for preservation of wildlife ?
A.Genetic makeup
B.Natural selection
D.None of these
Answer : C

Q.35) DDT is used as ?
Answer : D

Q.36) Efforts should be made to seek …… and……Assistance from international agencies ?
A.Financial and technical
B.Ecological and economic
C.Moral and financial
D.All of these
Answer : A

Q.37) ——-should be established for protection of endangered species ?
A.Protected areas
B.National park
D.All of these
Answer : D

Q.38) The livestock within — km of protected area are required immunization against communicable disease ?
Answer : A

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