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Ethical Issues In Psychology Solved MCQs

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Ethical issues in psychology consists of the ethical concerns related to the subject matter of psychology. To understand reflect and critically evaluate basic concepts of ethics in psychology
To help you better understand things such as how best to study for tests, how to read affectively, and how to remember difficulty to learn material.

Topics of MCQs on Ethical Issues In Psychology
  1. On Being Ethical
  2. Competence Personal Fitness, Qualifications and Training Issues
  3. Psychotherapy I-Ethical Obligations of Psychotherapists
  4. Psychotherapy II- Ethical Issues in Psychotherapeutic
  5. Ethical Challenges in Working With Human Diversity
  6. Confidentiality, Privacy and Record Keeping
  7. Psychological Assessment and Testing Tribulations
  8. Non-Sexual Multiple Role Relationship
  9. Attraction, Romance and sexual intimacies with clients and subordinates
  10. Relationships with Colleagues, Supervisees, Students and Employees
  11. Self-Promotion in the Age of Electronic Media
  12. Mental Health Practitioners in the Legal System and academia
  13. Scholarly Publications and the Responsible Conduct of Research
MCQs on Ethical Issues In Psychology Solved MCQs
MCQs on Ethical Issues In Psychology
1. Psychologist don’t engage in   with students or supervisor?

A.Co-curricular activities


C. Assessing students

D.Sexual relationship


2. Psychologist  conduct in accordance with?

A.Approved research

B.Approved research protocol

C.Equality  authority

D.Course experience


3. Students are made aware of these modification that enable them to fulfill?



C.Established program

D.Course requirements


4. Psychologist don’t deceived prospective participant about ?






5. Psychologists ?

A.Do fabricate data

B.Don’t fabricate data 

C.Can plagiarism

D.Can’t verify data


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6. To obtain trior return agreement for all others cases of the data ?

A.Clinical psychologist

B.Educational psychologist

C.Content psychologist

D.Requesting psychologist


7. psychologists withhold records for non payments because ?

A.payment has been received

B.payments has not been received

C.both a and b

D.none of these


8. psychologist’s fee practices are consistent with ?



D.none of these


9. APA stands for  ?

A.American Psychological Association

B.American Professional Associates

C.All Psychologists Association

D.All Pakistan Alliance


10. Psychologist cooperate in ?




D.All of these



11. Psychologist do not engage in ?

A.Public concerts



D.Sexual Harassment

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