Signal Transduction In Plants Important MCQs With Answers

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 1.  Pruning Of Plant Promotes Branching Because Auxiliary Buds Get Sensitized To.


B. Ethylene

C. Indole Acetic Acid

D. Gibberellin

2.  Enzyme Linked Receptor Belonged To Which Type Of Receptor.

A. Cell Surface Receptor

B. Cytoplasmic Receptor

C. Intra Cellular Receptor

D. Both B And C

3.  Who Discovered Secondary Messenger.


B. Went



4.  Adenine Pairs With.

A. Cytosine

B. Thymine

C. Guanine

D. Adenine

5.  When Pathogens Penetrate The Cell Wall The Extracellular Surface Receptors That Recognize.




D. Pamps

6.  Hydrophobic Secondary Messenger Is.

A. Ca++


C. H2O

D. IP3

7.  Charles Studied The Signaling Response In Canary Grass In.

A. 1880

B. 1881

C. 1886

D. 1891

8.  ATP Converted In CAMP By The Action Of.

A. Adenylcyclase

B. Lipase

C. Protease

D. Ca++

9.  Lac Operon Is An Example Of _____ Operon.

A. Inducible 

B. Repressor

C. Both A And B 

D. None Of These

10.  Lactose Break Down Into Glucose And Galactose By____.

A. Galactosepermease

B. B-Galactosidase

C. Thiogalatosidetransacetylase

D. All Of These

11.  G Protein Is Activated When_____ Subunit Detached.

A. Alpha

B. Beta

C. Gemma

D. None Of These

12.  Blue Light Photoreceptors Controls.

A. Stomatal Closure

B. Epicotyl Elongation

C. Bud Dormancy

D. Hypocotyl Elongation

13.  Binding Site For RNA Polymerase Is _____.

A. Lac I

B. Lac O

C. Lac P

D. None Of These

14.  Gene Expression Is The Combined Process Of.

A. The Transcription Of A Gene Into Mrna 

B. The Processing Of That Mrna

C. Translation Of Mrna Into Protein

D. All Of These

15.  Ligand Is A/An_______.

A. Ion

B. Hormone

C. Enzyme

D. All Of Above

16.  Ubiquitination Is The Process Of.

A. Formation Of Protein

B. Degradation Of Protein

C. Degradation Of RNA

D. Formation Of Gene

17.  Cryptochrome Absorb Light In.

A. Red Region

B. Microwave Region

C. X-Ray Region

D. Blue Region

18.  Theavena Curvature Is Used For Bio Assayed Of.




D. Ethylene

19.  Excess Salt In Leaves Causes______.


B. Reduce Photosynthesis

C. Reduce Osmotic Potential

D. All Of These

20.  Sutherland Won Nobel Prize In.


B. 1970

C. 1960

D. 1981

21.  Lac Z, Lac Y And Lacaare Group Of _____ Gene.

A. Regulatory 

B. Inducible

C. Repressor

D. Structural

22.  Translation Takes Place In.

A. Nucleus

B. Plastids

C. Cytoplasm

D. Golgi Bodies

23.  Lactose Is A/An_______.

A. Monosaccharied

B. Disaccharide

C. Trisaccharied

D. Polysaccharied

24.  At Which Stage Gene Expression Is Regulated In Eukaryotes.

A. Chromatin Accessibility

B. RNA Processing

C. RNA Stability

D. All Of Above 

25.  The Nation Tree Of Pakistan Is.

A. Devdar

B. Sheesham

C. Kikar

D. Babul

26.  Abiotic Is Also Called.

A. Community

B. Population

C. Physical Environment

D. Mineral

27.  An Example Of Secondary Messenger Is.



C. IP3

D. All Of These

28.  Secondary Messenger Are Intracellular Signaling Molecules Released For.

A. Proliferation

B. Differentiation

C. Apoptosis

D. All Of Above

29.  Ubiquitin-Tagged Protein Are Taken To.

A. Proteasome

B. Endoplasmic Reticulum

C. Nucleus

D. Plastid

30.  By Which Mechanism Proteins Can Be Regulated After Translation.

A. RNA Processing

B. Alternative Splicing

C. Ubiquitination

D. Transcription

31.  First Hormone To Be Discovered Is.

A. Auxin

B. Gibberellin

C. Cytokinins

D. Ethylene

32.  Abiotic Factors Are.

A. Living

B. Non Living

C. Vegetative

D. Herbivore

33.  When A Eukaryotic Gene Is Transcribed In Nucleus, The Primary Transcript Is Called. 


B. Microrna

C. Regulatory RNA

D. Pre-Mrna

34.  Damage And Errors In DNA Cause___________.

A. DNA Repair

B. Mutation

C. Translation

D. Translation

35.  The Change In DNA Structure Is Called.

A. Mutation

B. Signaling

C. Photosynthesis

D. Transportation

36.  Phototrophic Curvature Is The Result Of Uneven Distribution Of.

A. Gibberellin

B. Cytokinins

C. Ethylene

D. Auxin

37.  Abscisic Acid Is Known As Stress Hormone Because It.

A. Break Seed Dormancy

B. Induce Flowering

C. Promotes Closure Of Stomata

D. Promotes Leaf Fall

38.  Coleoptile Is A Protective Covering At The Tip Of Shoot In.

A. Monocot

B. Dicot

C. Gymnosperm

D. Algae

39.  The Term Auxin Derived From A Greek Word Which Means.

A. To Fall

B. To Reduce

C. To Increase

D. To Move

40.  Cytoplasmic receptor respond to_____.

A. Hydrophobic ligand

B. Hydrophillic ligand

C. Both A and B

D. None of these

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