Cell Biology Genetics And Evolution Solved MCQs

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Cell Biology Genetics And Evolution Solved MCQs

1.  All Genes In Sex Chromosomes Are Sex Linked.

A. True

B. False

2.  Disaccharides Consist Of.

A. Four Monosaccharides

B. Three Monosaccharides

C. Two Monosaccharides

D. One Monosaccharide

3.  DNA Double Helix With Two Strands Was Proposed By.

A. David Suzuki

B. Watson & Crick

C. Gregor Mendel

D. Francis Crick

4.  Amino Acids Bonded Together Into Long Chains Called.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Proteins 

C. Lipids

D. Ribosomes

5.  The Single Unit That Makes Up A Protein Is.

A. Carbohydrate

B. Lipid

C. Ribosomes

D. Amino Acid

6. All Eukaryotic Cells Store Genetic Information In.

A. Mitochandria

B. Golgi Apparatus

C. Chromosomes

D. Nucleus

7.  Modern Genetics Began With Mendel’s Experiments With.

A. Tomato Plants

B. Orange Plants

C. Pea Plants

D. Apple Plants

8.  Polyploidy Is A Term When There Is.

A. Extra Chromosome Sets

B. One Chromosome Absent

C. Part Of A Chromosome Present Twice

D. Segment Of Chromosome Reversed

9.  Which Symbol Used For Heterozygous Normal Female (Carrier).



C. XD Xd

D. Xd Xd

10.  Carbohydrates Makesdry Mass Of Plant.

A. 90- 100%

B. 80-100%

C. 50-70%

D. 60-80%

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11.  Globular Proteins Arein Water.

A. Non- Soluble

B. Soluble

12.  Glycolipids Abundant In Plants.

A. Chloroplast

B. Mitochondria

C. Chlorophyll

D. None

13.  Which Is Not A Function Of EFA’s.

A. Build Cell Membrane

B. Help Prevent CHD

C. Oil Manufacturing

D. None Of Above

14.  Major Source Of Carbohydrates In Animal Is.


B. Glucose

C. Starch

15.  Almost 80-90% Of The Entire Plant Cell Volume Is Occupied By.



C.Cell Wall

D. Chloroplast

16.  Cis Fatty Acids Occurs When The Hydrogen Atoms Are At.

A. Same Side

B.Opposite Side

C.Both Side

D. None Of Above

17.  Children Mostly Born With Extra Chromosomes Called



C.Aneuploidy –Trisomy

D. None Of Above

18.  Male Can Only Be.




D.None Of Above

19. Number Of Amino Acid Found In Human Cell.

A. 300

B. 180

C. 19

D. 20

20.  Phosphate Group Attached In DNA Strand At.

A. 3′ End

B. 5′ End

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21.  Visible Appearance Is.

A. Genotype

B. Phenotype

22.   Essential Amino Acids For Adults And For Childrens Are.

A. 8, 10

B. 10,12

C. 12, 14

D. None

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