Plant Nutrition MCQs With Answer Online Quiz

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1. Radioactive tracers are used in constructions to check ?

A. If they are intact 

B. If they are airy

C. If they emit radiations or not

D. None of these

2. Leak detector in Heat exchanger is also known as ?

A. High Pressure Outlet

B. Low Pressure Outlet

C. Inlet Detector

D. All of the Above

3. Pinstech Personnel Should Stay Within __-Diameter Around The Injection Port ?

A. 10km

B. 1km

C. 10m

D. 1m

4. Shkimic Acid Pathway Is NOT A Characteristic Of ?

A. Bacteria

B. Algae

C. Protozoans

D. None Of These


5. Radiotracers Give Accurate Results ?

A. True

B. False

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