Analytical Chemistry MCQs with Answers

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1. Bration causes absorption at lower wavelength than symmetric vibrations.


2. Beer lambert law explains the absorption behavior of solutions with concentration



3. Grating construction material


4. How much solute is required to prepare the 300ml of 0.8M CaCl2 (mol.wt:111 g/mol)


5. Number of fundamental vibrations for the linear molecules are


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6. Photomultiplier tube give result in the form of


7. Prepare 200ml of 6M solution from the stock solution of 10M what will be the final volume


8. Spectrogram obtained as a result of spectroscopic measurements is due to the


9. The finger print region is


10. The most obvious manifestation of EMR includes


11. The spectral band width of UV-spectrophotometer is in order of


12. The wavelength of UV-VIS radiations


13. The “H” attached to ‘sp2’ hybrid carbon vibrate at wavenumber


14. Vacuum UV region is

15. When the EMR radiations passes through the medium the transmitted radiations are ofA) High intensity


16. Which IR source is capable of producing higher temperature


17. In the presence of strong acids potassium permanganate gets

18. Mode of data collection in a typical UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer


19. The basicity of oxalic acid is


20. Which technique is the best for the determination of concentration of phosphate in egg shells

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