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Critical Thinking and Reasoning Course Contents , Course Outline , Syllabus Weekly Breakdown/Plan

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Critical Thinking and Reasoning (ADP)

Weekly Breakdown/Plan

1. Introduction and Definition of Critical Thinking
2. Traits, Skills and value of Critical Thinking
3. Defining Logic, Defining Arguments with their Role
4. Defining Deduction
5. Defining Induction
6. Understanding Fallacies with their types (formal and informal)
7. Bad Reasons fallacy, Masked man fallacy

8. Mid-term Examination


9. Fallacies of Quantitative Logic and Accident Fallacy
10. Ad Hominem, Begging the Question Fallacy
11. Fallacies of Ambiguity and Appeal
12. Fallacies of Division and Composition
13. Black and White Fallacy, Non-Casua and Pro-Causa
14. Red Herring Fallacy, Slippery Slope Fallacy
15. Fallacy of Week Analogy

16. Final Examination











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@iubians I shall be required syllabus.

for 4th semester