Developmental Psychology Solved Exam MCQs

1. When learning a new skill, infants rely on ?
A. their own exploration
B. others teaching
C. movements
D. none of these

2. Mutation in genes causes ?
A. Ulcer
B. Schizophrenia
C. Genetic disorder
D. Flexes

3. Gametes may have too many chromosomes, and the other too few in case of ?
A. Prion mutation
B. Acquired mutation
C. Chromosomal mutation
D. Simple Mutation

4. The infant bone is soft, pliable ?
A. Difficult to break
B. Easy to break
C. Bend easily
D. Cannot bend

5. Skeleton grow and do what at the same time ?
A. Hardens
B. Softens
C. Bend
D. Collapse
Developmental Psychology MCQS
Developmental Psychology MCQS

6. Leg bone continues to develop ?
A. Childhood
B. Mid teenage
C. Prenatal
D. 50 age

7. In gross Motor skills required the use of ?
A. large muscle
B. small muscles
C. finger
D. wrists

8. Which requires the use of smaller muscles groups to perform small improvements ?
A. Gross motor
B. fine motor
C. both
D. None

9. Role of the hypothalamus in puberty is to ?
A. control the action of the frontal lobes
B. regulate the production of sex hormones
C. lead to distancing from parents
D. its role is not yet known

10. All of the following statements are true about adolescent sexual development, EXCEPT ?
A. It occurs during puberty
B. It includes physical, emotional, and social changes.
C. It can affect the behavior of an adolescent
D. It begins at the same age for everybody

11. Which body part mature first ?
A. Feet
B. Ankles
C. Backbone
D. Hand and skull

12. Urie Bronfenbrenner is an ?
A. French behaviorist
B. French psychologist
C. American psychologist
D. American theorist

13. Hereditary composition consists of ?
B. Genes
C. Chromosomes
D. All of them

14. Diploid cells are formed in ?
A. meiosis
B. Mitosis
C. binary fusion
D. none of these

15. In humans, the product of meiosis contains ?

a) 45
b) 46
c) 23
d) None

16. Meiosis makes us genetically ?
A. Individual
B. Unique
C. Different
D. Separate

17. A disease causes degeneration of the central nervous system starting in the first year ?
A. Anemia
B. Tay-sachs
C. Hemophilia
D. Phenylketonuria

18. What connects the embryo to the placenta ?
A. Umbilical cord
B. Blastocyst
C. Indifferent gonad
D. None of these

19. The long term effects of teratogen depend on ?
A. Quantity of postnatal environment
B. Quality if postnatal environment
C. Sleep effect
D. None of these

20. Problems that caused by teratogen during 9 months prenatal period called ?
A. Genitals
B. Sleeper effect
C. Sensitive period
D. Malformations

21. High dose of teratogen cause ?
A. Serious harm
B. Less harm
C. Susceptibility to harm
D. None of these

22. L-methyl folate (deplin) has proven successful in treating ?
A. Anxiety
B. Depression
C. Psychotic disorder
D. all of these

23. Anoxia is usually a result of ?
A. hypoxia
B. hyperoxia
C. hypnoxia
D. none of all

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