Solved Mcqs on Clinical Health Psychology Quiz Questions & Answers

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 1. The treatment exist in the early times was ?

A. Sophisticated

B. To exorcise the evil spirits 

2. Ancient Greeks developed a theory of illness named ?

A. Mind theory

B. Humoral theory

C. Family theory

D. None the above

3. Middle ages start from ?

A. 500 to 1350 AD

B. 1400 to 1700 AD

C. 1700 to 1500

D. None of the above

4. Renaissance period start from ?

A. 1300 to 1500 

B. 1400 to 1700

C. 1800 to 1900 

D. 1900 to 2000

5. First physician in Renaissance period is ?

A. William James

B. Wilhelm Wundt

C. Johann Weyer

D. Freud 

6. Greek humors are ?

A. Sanguine

B. Cholera 

C. Melancholic

D. All of the above

7. The treatment which was used in ancient times to exorcise the evil spirit called ?

A. Trephination

B. Trephine

C. Lycanthropy

D. None of the above

8. Microscope was invented in ?

A. 1600s

B. 1700

C. 1800

D. 1900

9. Worldwide causes of deaths in 2014 are ?

A. Ischemic heart disease 

B. Stroke 


D. All 

10. How much Americans spends on health care annually ?

A. 3 trillion dollar

B. 4 trillion dollar

C. 5 trillion dollar

D. 6 trillion dollar


11. According to the Health Protection Agency the prevalence of which sexually transmitted disease decreased by 2 percent between 2010 2012 ?

A. Gono rhea


C. Chlamydia

D. Genital herpes

12. Anagnostopoulos Buchanan FrousiouniotiNiakas and Potamianos 2011 linked which factor to increased tooth brushing frequency ?

A. Belief about capability

B. Greater perceived severity of oral diseases

C. Socio economic status

D. Age

13. Selye 1936proposed which of the following ?

A. Gate theory

B. Defence mechanisms reduce stress

C. General adaptation syndrome

D. All of these

14. Guglielmi and Tatrow 1998made which criticism of the GAS ?

A. It omits psychological processes

B. It is deterministic

C. It does not acknowledge positive factors

D. It ignores the role of individual differences

15. Karasek 1979 proposed which of the following theories ?

A. General adaptation syndrome

B. Life events model

C. Transactional model

D. Demand-control model

16. What does psychoneuroimmunology PNI explain ?

A. The link between sleep and stress

B. The link between thoughts/stress, the brain and immune functioning

C. Emotion focused coping

D. None of these


17. Which theory are daily hassles based on ?

A. Transactional theory of stress

B. Demand control


D. Life events


18. Limbic system includes ?
A. Thalamic nuclei
B. Amygdala
C. Hippocampus
D. All of the above

19. Brain divided into four major divisions ?
A. Yes 
B. No

20. A peripheral nerve attached to spinal cord ?
A. Cranial nerve
B. Spinal nerve

21. Stimulation in amygdala can increase the probability of inanimal ?

A. Aggression
B. Love 
C. Happiness
D. Sensation

22. It is a mass of deeply floated, rippled convoluted tissues said by ?
A. Feldman
B. Marc
C. Watson
D. Pavlov

 23. The brain is thick ?
A. 2mm
B. 3mm
C. 4mm
D. 5mm

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