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Past Papers 

★ PU BS English Past Papers

★ 1st Semester
English-I (Language in Use)
lntroduction to Literature-I
Introduction to Linguistics-I
English-I (Language in Use)
Writing Workshop (IT)

★ 2nd Semester 
Poetry and One Act Plays
Introduction to Linguistics-II
Academic Reading and Writing

★ 3rd Semester
Advance Communication Skills
Fiction and Non-Fiction
Phonetics and English Phonology
Communication Skills
Business Communication-I
Communication Skills (IT)

★ 4th Semester
Adv Academic Reading & Writing
History of Literature-II
The Structure of English
English for Practical Aims
Business Communication-II

★ 5th Semester
Literary Criticism
Criticism and Theory-I
Poetry (14th to 18rh Century)
Novel (18th & 19th Century)
Journalistic Discourse
Visionary Discourse
Journalistic Discourse
Discourse Analysis
Analytical Study of English Literature

★ 6th Semester
Criticism and Theory-II
Classics in Drama
19th Century Poetry
World Literatures in Translation

★ 7th Semester
Pedagogical Grammar
20th Poetry & Drama

PU Fee Structure 
Program Duration Fee
BS English  4 Years 29950

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