Advance Plant Metabolism MCQs With Answers

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Advance Plant Metabolism MCQs

1.  Necrotic Lesions On Tobacco Caused By.

A. Streptomyces Scabies

B. Rhizopus Sp

C. Rhizoctonia Sp

D. Tobacco Mosaic Virus


2.  Chemoautotrophs Are Primarily.

A. Photosynthetic Bacteria

B.  Bacteria

C.  Fungi

 D.   None


3.  In “The Lock And Key Model” The Substrate Has A Shape Matching The Enzyme With.

A. Binding Site

B. Active Site

C. Coenzyme

D. None


4.  TLTE Stands For.

A. Tropic Level Transfer Efficiency

B. Temperature Level Transfer Efficiency

C. Total Level Transfer Efficiency

D. None


5.  Secondary Wall Increases By.

A. Lignigication

B. Growth

C. Sponification

D. Calcification


6.  Layers Which Formed To Separate Rip Fruits & Old Leaves.

A. Gum Deposition

B. Formation Of Layers

C. Abcission Layer

D. Tyloses


7.  Wax-Mixtures Of Long Chain Aliphatic Compounds Get Deposited On The     Of Some Plants.

A. Lower Epidermis

B. Stomatal Surface

C. Epidermis

D. Cuticular Surface


8.  The Diameter Of Prokaryotic Cell Is.

 A. 1 To 10 Macrometer

 B. 1 To 10 Nanometer

C. 1 To 10 Micrometers

D. 1 To 9 Micrometer


9.  In Young Plant Most Active Meristem Are Called.


A. Vascular Cambium

B. Axillary Buds

C. Apical Meristem

C. None


10.  In Which That The Structure Is Very Poorly Understood.

A. Cutin

B. Waxes

C. Subrin

D. All Of These



11.  Suberin Are Made Up Of _______.

A. Hydrophlic Compound

B. Hydrophobic Compound

C. Gasous Compound

D. None


12.  Defence Structure Develope By Tissues.

A. Gum Deposition

B. Cuticular Wax

C. None


13.  Pre Existing Internal Defense Structures Inside Plants Prevent The Entry Of.

A. Pathogen

B. Waxes

C. Insects


14.  Chemoautotroph Used .

A. Nitrogen Oxide

B. Hydrogen Sulfide

C. Carbon Dioxide

D. None


15.  An Is A Gap Found Between To Two Circular Layers Of Cell.

A. Abcission Layer

B. Tyloses

C. None

D. Both


16,  Enzymes Function As.

A. Organic Catalyst

B. Inorganic Catalysts

C. Inhibitor

D. None 



17.  Which Is Not Abiotic Factor.

A. Air

B. Soil

C. Water

D. Bacteria


18.  After Cellulose The Most Abundant Organic Substanc In Plants Is.

A. Lignin

B. Pactin

C. Hemi Cellulose

D. Cytoplasm



19.  Plant Produce Organic Compound That Appear To Have No Direct Role In Growth And Development.

A. Primary Metabolites

B. Secondary Metabolites

C. Cholesterol

D. Subrin


20.  Energy Lost As ____________ When Travel From One Tropic Level To The Other.

A. Productivity

B. Transfer Efficiency

C. Assimilation

D. Metabolic Heat



21.  Cutin Waxes And Suberin Are Made Up Of.

A. Hydrophilic Compunds

B. Hydrophobic Compound

C. Phenolic Compound

D. Aldehyde




22.  Primary Consumers Exhibit A Biomass G/M².

A. 20

B. 21

C. 22

D. 12


23.  In Aquatic Ecosystem, Primary Producers Accumulate Energy Kcal/M²/Yr.

A. 2600

B. 2700

C. 20810


24.  Hydrolytic Enzymes Are Present In Which Organelle Of Cell.

A. Golgi Apparatus

B. Lysosomes

C. Mitochondria

D. Nucleus



25.  Thorns Are An Example Of Which Of The Following.

A. A Defense Against Herbivores

B. A Defense Against Viruses

C. A Hypersensitive Response

D. Systemic Acquired Resistance


26.  The Cytosol Makes Up More Than__Of The Plant Cell Volume.

A. 30%

B. 35%

C. 40%

D. None



27.  Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulam Is The Site Of.

A. Lipid Synthesis

B. Protein Synthesis

C. Amino Acid Synthesis

D. All


28.  Which Organalle Has Its Own DNA And Ribosomes.

A. Lysosomes


C. Mitochondria

D. Vacule


29.  Ultimately The Death Of The Induced Cell Is.

A. Apoptosis

B. Necrosis

C. Rickets

D. None



30.  All Plant Proteins Are Synthesized By Ribosomes In The.

A. Cytosol

B. Cytoplasm

C. Mitochondria

D. All


31.  The Linkage Found In Suberin Is.

A. Ketonic.

B. Alcoholic

C. Ester


32.  Disease Occurrence In Host Is Determined By.

A. Antibody

B. Antigen

C. Both

D. None

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