Abnormal Psychology Easy MCQs With Answers for Online Test

1. Hearing voices that are not really there would is referred to as the following ?

A. Hallucinations
B. Illusion
C. Auditory regression
D. Delusion 

2. Loss of interest or hypersomnia or significant weight loss is the symptoms of the following ?

A. Somatic disorder
B. Delusions
C. Major depressive disorder
D. Down syndrome 

3. The term Catatonia can be used to define the following ?

A. Resistance to instruction
B. Maintaining a rigid Posture
C. Decreased in reactivity to the environment
D. All of them  

4. Person having following delusion may experience delusion that another person is in love with him or herself ?

A. Persecution
B. Erotomanic
C. Grandiose
D. All of them 

5. In conversion disorder the following one of the symptoms should be found after appropriate neurological assessment ?

A. Psychological
B. Anxiety
C. Neurological
D. Both A and B

6. False beliefs persist even when the facts contradicted them is referred to as the following ?

A. Delusion
B. Hallucination
C. Illusion
D. All of them 

7. Entails over activity and inability to stay seated is referred to as ?

A. Aspergers disorder
B. Communication disorder
C. Stereotypic disorder
D. Hyperactivity impulsivity

8. The following one is not true for Major depressive disorder ?

A. Inflated self-esteem and grandiosity
B. Feeling of worthlessness
C. Restlessness or being slow down
D. Low mood 

9. The neurological disorder can be characterized by hyper activity and impulsivity ?

A. Fluency disorder
B. Down syndrome
D. None of them 

10. Auditory hallucinations are usually experienced as the following ?

A. Thoughts
B. Ideas
C. Voices
D. Perceptions  

11. Delusions and Hallucinations are the common features of following disorder ?

A. Somatoform
B. Dissociative identity
C. Schizophrenia
D. All of them 

12. Individuals in a manic episode exhibit the following ?

A. Decreased sociability
B. Increased sociability
C. Moderate sociability
D. No sociability 

13. School avoidance that is also called truancy is common in following disorder ?

A. Conduct disorder
B. Social phobia
C. Social anxiety

14. Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder is common among the following one ?
A. Adults
B. Adolescents
C. Children 
D. Adults and children

15. Who commonly exhibits more criminal or violent behavior in dissociative identity disorder  ?
A. Males 
B. Females
C. Children
D. Both male and female

16. Children having disruptive mood dysregulation disorder may also experience the condition below ?
A. Down syndrome
B. Severe irritability 
C. Manic episode
D. Somatic disorder

17. Intellectual disability is common among individuals having the following behavior ?
A. Autism spectrum disorder  
B. Alzheimer disease
C. Neurocognitive disorder
D. Self injurious behavior

18. The dissociative disorder is frequently found in the following population ?
A. children
B. Aftermath of trauma 
C. adults
D. males
19. Persistent sadness all the time refers to the following condition.
A. Impulsivity
B. Depression 
C. Hypomanic episode
D. Anxiety
20. People having the following one disorder worry about multiple events or activities.
A. Generalized Anxiety 
B. Somatoform
C. Schizophrenia
D. All of them
21. Disorganized thinking Hallucination Delusions is the key features of following disorder.
A. Somatic
B. Psychotic
C. Schizophrenia 
D. Neurotic
22. Fixed beliefs are called.
A. Hallucinations
B. Illusions
C. Perception
D. Delusion 
23. Following factors contribute to the development of obesity.
A. Genetic
B. Physiological
C. Behavioral and environmental
D. All of them 
24. The following functioning can be impaired due to developmental deficit.
A. Personal
B. Social
C. Academic and Occupational
D. All of them 
25. The criteria to diagnose intellectual developmental disorder are based on the following.
A. Deficit in intellectual functions
B. Deficit in adaptive functions
C. Deficit during the developmental period
D. All of them 
26. This is NOT a type of eating disorder.
A. Pica
B. Anorexia
C. Dissociative eating 
D. Rumination
27. Person having Pica disorder can eat non nutritious food such as the following.
A. Soil and Chalks
B. Pebbles  metal and gum
C. Paint charcoal and clay
D. All of them 
28. The following one is not anxiety disorder.
A. Separation anxiety disorder
B. Panic attack
C. Pica 
D. Agora phobia


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