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Water Logging and Salinity MCQs With Answers

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water logging is presents the situation whereby the underground water comes on the surface of land and in certain cases it gathers on the ground level of lands it gathers on the ground level of lands it may assume the shape of steams
Water Logging and Salinity MCQs With Answers
Water Logging and Salinity MCQs With Answers


1. The SAR Stand For ?

A. Sodium Adsorption Ratio

B. Sodium Absorption Ratio 

C. Both A & B

D. None

2. The ESP Of Sodic Soil Is ?

A. 15

B. Less Than 15

C. A,B

D. None

3. Which One Is Not A Cause Of Water Logging ?

A. Rainfall

B. Floods

C. Roads

D. Sodium

4. Which Effects Badely The Growth Of Plants ?

A. Organic Acid

B. Sodium

C. Water

D. Oxygen

5. When Soil Surface Become Saturated With Water  This Condition Is Called ?

A. Water Logging

B. Salinity

C. Water Logging And Salinity

D. None

6. Which Chemical Is Used For The Treatmment Of Saline Acidic Soil ?

A. Sulphoric Acid

B. Borex

C. Gypsum

D. A And C

7. Salt Affected Soil Is Called ?

A. Saline

B. Water Logged

C.  A And B 

D. None

8. Saline Soil Contain Sodium Salts Of ?

A. Bicarbonates

B. Carbonates

C. Both A,B

D. None

9. The Process Of Chemical Weathering Involved ?

A. Hydrolyasis

B. Hydration

C. Carbonation

D. All

10. How Many Area Was Suffering In Water Logging In 2001 ?

A. 2.04 Hacter

B. 2.04 Acer

C. 2.4

D. None Of These

11. The Survey Was Made On Water Logging In 2001 By ?

A. Ministry Of Environment

B. Ministery Of Water Resourses

C. A,B

D. None Of These

 12. The Net Irrigated Area Of Pakistan is ?

A. 5%

B. 4%

C. 2%

D. 6 %

13. In Worldwide How Many Percent Land Is Water Logged ?

A. 12 %

B. 15 %

C. 4%

D. 10%

14. Which One Of The Following Defficeincy Cause The Yellowing Of Leaves ?

A. Phosphurus

B. Nitrogen

C. Potasium

D. Iron

15. Water Logged Area Of Punjab is ?

A 19.80

B 21.80

C 10.90

D 0.18

16. Water Logged Area Of Tamil Nadu is ?

A. 19.80

B. 21.80

C. 10.90

D. 0.18

17. In Which Country The Water Logging Condtion Is More Adverse ?

A. Pakistan

B. India

C. Bangladesh

D. Afghanastan

18. How Many Percent Water Loss From Canals ?

A. 40 %

B. 50%

C. 40 To 50%

D. 50 T0 60 %

 19. Which One Is The Affect Of Water Logging ?

A. Reduce Plant Growth

B. Oxygen Deficiency

C. A,B

D. None

20. Which One Is The Toxic Substance ?

A. Ethane

B. Methane

C. A,B

D. None

21. How Many Lakh Hacter Soil Affected By Salinity ?

A. 48

B. 45

C. A,B

D. None

22. % Of Water On Land is ?

A. 71

B. 72

C. 73

D. 70

23. Which One Is Not A Mulch ?

A. Grass

B. Clipping

C. Straw

D. None 

24. The Alkali Saltd Contain ?

A. Na

B. K

C. Li

D. All

25. Moderatly Salt Tolerant Crops Tolerate Salts ? 

A. 10 G/Litter

B.  5 G/Litter

C. 15 G/Litter

D. 20   G/Litter

 26. Highly  Salt Tolerant Crops Tolerate Salts ?

A. 10 G/Litter

B.  5 G/Litter

C. 15 G/Litter

D. 20   G/Litter

27. Example Of Highly Salt Tolerant Crop is ?

A. Wheat

B. Rice

C. Maiz

D. Barely

28. Horedeum Volgure Is The Scintific Name Of ?

A. Rice

B. Oat

C. Barely

D. Wheat

29. With Stress The Soil Salinity is ?

A. 3 Ds/M

B. 14 Ds/M

C. 4 Ds/M

D. 8 Ds/M

30. Carrot Shuold Be Dead At Salinity Level ?

A. 10 Ds/M

B. 13 Ds/M

C. 12 Ds/M

D. 14 Ds/M


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Good Sharing of mcqs on Water Logging also Create a PDF file please if possible

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