Diversity of Vascular Plant MCQs with Answers

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1. In monoecious male and female sex organs are present on.

2. In diocious male and female sex organs are present on.

3. Anthridium are organs.

4. Archigonium are organs.

5. In prostele pith is.

6. Pteridophytes evolved from.

7. First vascular plant is.

8. Subphylum lycophyta have plants.

9. Genus Lycopodium is.

10. During Carboniferous period coal formation was aided by

11. Largest group of extant vascular plants.

12. Sori are.

13. Pteron is a greek word meaning.

14. Most living pteridophytes are.

15. Pteridophytes have permanant growing apex at?

16. Leaves in Pteridophytes are.

17. In homosporus species germination of spore is.

18. Homosporusspeices are.

19. Apical pole give rise to.

20. Star shaped xylem is character of.

21. Stele with pith in the centre is called.

22. Invasion of pith occurs through the leaf gap?

23. Siphonostele which is perforated at the place of origin of leaf trace is called.

24. Each separate vascular strand in dictyostele is called.

25. Anatomically shoot and root in Rhynia are.

26. Rhynia lacks.

27. Horizontal stem in Rhynia is connected with soil through.

28. Rhynia was evolved in.

29. Zosterophyllum has sporangium.

30. Oldest representatives of Rhyniophyta belongs to genus.

31. First vascular plant was evolved.

32. Psilotum belongs to class.

33. Common name of Psilotum is.

34. Psiltum is found in.

35. Sporangium of Psilotum is called?

36. In Psilotum stomata are present in.

37. In stele of Psilotum all components are present except.

38. In rhizome of psilotum epidermis is.

39. Spores in fern are produced by.

40. Synangium in Psilotum is.

41. Synangium in Psilotum is.

42. Gametophyte in Psilotum take nutrition from.

43. Gametophyte in Psilotum has vascular tissues.

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